Number Crunching


List of available servers.


Connect using ssh: ssh
If you connect from outside EPFL you need to establish a VPN connection first.

Copy files between your local and the remote machine (and vice versa) with scp:
scp […] [[user@]host1:]file1 [[user@]host2:]file2

To log on to your local Mac from a remote machine, go to: System Preferences -> Sharing -> Remote Login. Check the tickbox and use the indicated hostname.

Spooling processes on a shared resource

– Always check the current usage before spooling new processes.

– Start the process with a high nice level ( ). For example, if you want to start a matlab session, use “nice -n 19 matlab”  . Nice values [-n] ranges from [-19 , 19]. The higher the nice value, the more considerate you will be to the fellow users. From my experience in the past a nice value of 19 will not noticeably hamper your performance, and you will be considered as a saint by others.

– Please kill any stray process ( like matlab ). Please check routinely whether the processes is behaving as expected (and not staying around clogging the system.)

– Please let others know if you have any imminent deadline approaching at-least a few days in advance. This is will let others plan well so that they make your path as non-congested as possible.