This part is intended to collect software that was written in this lab, and which might be useful for other lab members. Below, you find all the software that has been added so far.

VisNIR Camera Processing Pipeline

This tool allows developing RAW files that contain visible and/or NIR information. The main advantages of this tool over commercial RAW development software are:

  • Takes into account the measured camera sensitivities;
  • Is cabaple of handling both visible and/or NIR images;
  • New features can easily be added into the workflow.

The figure below shows the building blocks and the workflow of the camera pipeline. Green arrows indicate the workflow for visibl images, and red arrows for NIR images, where the main difference is that NIR images are not converted to the sRGB color space.

Here you can download the Visible and NIR Camera Processing Pipeline. Make sure that you read the tutorial on this site before using the tool.