Bio-inspired color image enhancement

Supplementary Material for IS&T / SPIE Electronic Imaging 2004

Link to original raw images

Comparison between MSRCR retinex (demo version) and our method
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aLogtreeUnil.jpg btreeUnil.jpg treeUnilMSR.jpg
log-encoded Retinex with 1 filter MSRCR (Demo).

“Retinex with 1 filter” method applied on the 3 components of a RGB image or on the luminance channel of a YCbCr image

dLogcoupole.jpg coupole16.ppm_colorChannel_1scaled_all_resultsScaled.jpg ecoupole16.jpg
log-encoded RGB YCbCr


log-encoded retinex
fLogvertical.jpg gvertical16.jpg
hLogcolorCheck.jpg icolorCheck16.jpg
jLogauto16.jpg kauto16.jpg
lLogOfficeLightOnPerson.jpg mOfficeLightOnPerson.jpg
nLogOfficeLightOffPerson.jpg oOfficeLightOffPerson.jpg
pLogcentreSportif.jpg qcentreSportif.jpg