Spring Semester (February 2012 – May 2012)

Digital Photography – Bachelor’s Level
Lecturer: Prof. Sabine Süsstrunk
Time: Friday, 13:15 – 15:00 / Room: ELA1, 15:15 – 17:00 / BC 07-08
This course enables the students to acquire a working knowledge of the components and processes of digital photography systems. It will cover the physics of image formation, digital camera components, digital camera evaluation criteria, and presents basic image processing techniques.
Bio-inspired Processing of Cognitive Signals – Doctoral Level
Lecturers: Prof. Sabine Süsstrunk, Prof . Touradj Ebrahimi
Time: Thursday, 9:15 – 12:00 / Room: INM11
The goal of the course is to introduce engineering students to basic concepts of human processing of biological communication signals and to demonstrate advantages of emulation of the human-like signal processing by machine.